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On March 25, Shexian People's Hospital conducted a physical examination of the front-line medical staff involved in the prevention aSupermarket Rack Designnd control of the epidemic. During the nucleic acid screening, Zhang Moumou and Zhou Moumou were found to be asymptomatic infection. Liu Moumou nucleic acid test was single positive, Asymptomatic, 3 people are undergoing centralized isolation medical observation.

I saw 131 patients a night alone. According to Li Feng of the Department of Infectious Diseases, patients were admitted 24 hours a day during this period.About 100 days ago, the first patient with special pneumonia started to appear in the hospital.Supermarket Rack Design

Supermarket Rack Design

In each ward and department of the Honghui Hospital, in addition to the 288 members of the Sichuan medical team, 146 medical staff from Shaanxi, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hebei who arrived in Shaanxi successively worked side by side here.In the ICU, transfers are difficult for several patients who are more seriously ill, including a centenarian who has been in bed for many years, as well as a serious patient wearing a ventilator or ECMO.The news that the Red Club Hospital will become the designated hospital will be announcSupermarket Rack Designed to the society immediately, leaving the hospital with less than 24 hours to prepare.

Supermarket Rack Design

There is only one conjoined building in the Xiehe Red Cross Hospital of the district. The construction area is only over 2,300 square meters. All medical procedures, material stores, and even logistic restaurants are concentrated in this U-shaped structure. At this time, the entire building There is no pure land, all are polluted areas.Goodbye, on March 17, comrades-in-arms, the first batch of 49 support E medical teams, a total of 3787 people began to withdraw from Wuhan in batches after completing the rescue mission to E, and set out on the way back.

Supermarket Rack Design

The next day, the members of the Sichuan medical team will evacuate Wuhan, but in the future, they will still move side by side on the road of discipline construction.

Last June, Xiong Nian, a 35-year-old returnee and neurologist, became the new deanIn response, the staff of the General Administration Office of the hospital responded to the Red Star reporter. During the epidemic, the hospital's effectiveness declined, but it was understood that there was no deduction of employee wages.

According to another office worker, he saw that the list of some medical personnel was still being publicized on the hospital's intranet. I have not been deducted from my salary since I went to work in the thirties.Regarding the report that some hospitals did not issue subsidies on time, the staff member said that as long as they passed the review, they would be issued.

Red Star reporter Li Wentao and Luo Dani click to enter the topic: focus on the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia.The picture has nothing to do with pictures. According to Dongfang IC, netizens told Red Star News reporter that her family members are medical staff of Sinopharm Dongfeng General Hospital. She has been working in the front line since the outbreak. On the 25th, the salary was not paid normally. The hospital said that it did not pay because the benefits were not good during the epidemic period, but other hospitals in Shiyan City did.

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